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Clients learn to use the EWB Process™ for themselves and with others. Using the Process for ourselves is most difficult for most of us, because we often believe we are least objective about ourselves. Yet, here is where there is the highest true potential for using the Process. We become much more of what we can be and of who we really are when we keep increasing the confidence and skills to make energetic corrections on ourselves. In addition, we become more capable of assisting others.

The Energetic Well Being Process™ will empower clients to: 

  • Focus on deleting root causes of symptoms, not to alleviate, suppress, or “learn to live with” them.
  • Create strong internal support for their desired state of being – what is wanted in their life – with full confidence and self-reliance.
  • Live in joy and peace and without drama and upset, with much less reacting to issues and events in their life.










The Positive Power of Being Neutral

  • Experience a deeper ease of living by not reacting or over reacting to yourself, to others, or to external influences.
  • Shift from reaction and drama to calm and balance!
  • Handle difficult and chaotic situations with objectivity and clear focus!
  • Sharpen your skills for positive interactions!
  • Take home simple energetic corrections to apply daily.

So much of our life experience is reaction. How we react to others and to the events of our daily lives determines the ease in which we live. Internal and external factors that seem to be beyond our control trigger reactions that take us away from joy and peace. Learn and apply powerful principles of energetic alignment to alter patterns and behaviors to support life, confidence, clarity and joy.

The PPBN Workshop is conducted in 1-day in person session.  The PPBN Tele-Seminar is conducted in three sessions with a week between each session. PPBN Home Study Program bring PPBN to you with a workbook, instructions for study, and a CD recording of a PPBN workshop  and/or online access to audio mp3 recordings.


For this work, neutral is defined as being unbiased, impartial, fair, balanced, and open-minded.

Workshop Content:

  • Learn how to identify and remove those thoughts and actions that accumulate and cause energy blockages and symptoms
  • Eliminate anger or over-reaction and increase respect and appreciation of self and others.
  • Shift from life-long habits and patterns of negative thoughts and actions that cause you to be weak – to thoughts and actions that strengthen you.
  • Increase the daily experience of peace, patience and kindness with yourself and others.
  • Increase being in our natural state of Health, Wellness, and Vitality.

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Energetic Well Being Process

Learn to make simple energetic corrections Make fast, lasting, and profound shifts in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, wellness, and vitality!

The EWBP™ is an energetic technique that is based on 5,000 years of ancient Chinese Shaolin Temple energy work combined with western knowledge as well as blending anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong training. The premise is that your body functions like a computer – you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given issue. Pain and other symptoms are signs that something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body. Humans are multi-faceted beings with multiple levels of consciousness. EWBP™ works to make sure that all levels of consciousness are congruent so that pain may be eliminated immediately and goals may be attained.



There are 3 EWBP Workshops: Essentials, Proficiency, and Advanced

Essentials Workshop: Living Wellness, Vitality, and Peace

Introduction to the EWBP and how to apply it to symptoms of others and yourself.

The Essentials Workshop is about:

  •  Shifting from struggling with symptoms (physical, mental, emotional, psychological,   spiritual).
  •  Making shifts and taking steps for living in an increasingly positive state of  improvement and regeneration.
  • Changing mind sets from “slow” and “never” to experiencing changes at warp  speed.
  • Dealing well with internal energies as well as with energies coming from outside (for example, money is a  strong energy).

2 day workshop Content –

  • Perform Energetic Diagnosis to pinpoint sources and causes of pain.
  • Remove symptoms related to money, relationships, health, fitness, occupation, and aging.
  • Eliminate symptoms related to physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual issues.
  • Regain healthy lymphatic system through energetic detoxification Eliminate the side effects of medications, chemicals, and heavy metals.
  • Resolve negative emotions, experiences, fears, and memories.
  • Eliminate stress, tension, and anxiety.
  • Eliminate learning disabilities.
  • Perform distance and remote diagnosis and treatments.

EWBP Essentials Home Study Program brings you the Essentials Workshop right in your own home or office.  You will receive workshop materials, and a video recording of a previous Essentials workshop to bring the course to life!

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Proficiency Workshop: Enhancing Competence, Resilience, Clarity


An accelerated version of working with symptoms compared to the Essentials Workshop, and clearing more challenging symptoms.

The Proficiency Workshop is about:

  • Expanding capabilities and possibilities.
  • Remembering and being the essence of who “I Am”,
  • Increasing skills in living in a natural state of wellness, vitality, energy, peace, harmony, calm,  clarity, love, joy, satisfaction, productivity, and kindness.
  •  Optimizing physical presence in this life/dimension.

3 day workshop Content –

  • Respiratory ailments such as allergies and asthma.
  • Indigestion, acid reflux, hiatus hernia.
  • Discomfort of PMS, menstrual pains and cramps.
  • Chronic and acute pain.
  • Muscular and skeletal pain and dysfunctions.
  • Fibromyalgia and arthritis pain.
  • Bell’s palsy, headaches and jaw pain.
  • Numbness, burning sensations.
  • Diarrhea, constipation, colitis and crone disease.
  • High blood pressure, cholesterol and heart dysfunctions.
  • Imbalances in production of hormones.
  • Internal organ dysfunctions, chronic fatigue, brain fog and mental confusion.

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Advanced Workshop:  Knowing and Demonstrating how to work with Self and Clients

The purpose of this workshop is to enable participants who are currently practitioners, or want to become practitioners, to make significant increases in their skill at applying the process with clients.

The Advanced Workshop is about:

  • Working with ease and in depth.
  • Connecting and working in tune with self and clients.
  • Getting stronger and more fit in all ways with each passing year.
  • Achieving certification.

 4 day workshop Content –

Participants will demonstrate their ability to:

  • Actively and easily connect and be present with clients
  • Define priority symptoms and desired state to work with
  • Clear the root causes of symptoms
  • Gain maximum support for the desired state
  • Demonstrate flexibility, comfort, and insight in understanding where the client is at each point in the process,  and
  • Quickly move with their energies to the next key point in completing the process

Participants will demonstrate their ability to clear even more challenging symptoms compared to Essentials and Proficiency Workshops:

  • Learning a protocol of self-mastery, rejuvenation and anti-aging.
  • Reducing body size and increasing weight loss.
  • Clearing tumors and breast lumps.
  • Resolving itching, dermatitis, skin rash, sunburn, eczema, and acne.
  • Lowering fevers and hot flashes.
  • Resolving chills, cold hands and feet.
  • Energetically correcting pets and their health issues.
  • Optimizing fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.
  • Creating physical and mental rejuvenation.
  • Resolving habits and addictions.
  • Increasing prosperity and enhancing relationships.

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EWBP™ Practitioner Certification Requirements: The Path to Certification as an EWBP™ Practitioner



Certification as an Energetic Well Being Process© Practitioner requires the following:

  • Participate in EWBP© Essentials Workshop Twice (2X)
  • Participate in EWBP© Proficiency Workshop Twice (2X)
  • Complete and document 60 hours of client work (Doing the work in workshops is not counted.)
  • Intern in both Essentials and Proficiency Workshop (Coaching participants to do the work is a great learning experience.)
  • Participate in the EWBP© Advanced Workshop (There will be opportunities for practitioners to intern in this workshop as well.)

Progress is documented on a form that is maintained in the office.   In addition, those interested in certification as a practitioner of EWBP© may request printed certificates of completion for their records.  LeRoy is happy to discuss these requirements with interested individuals.


Energetic Support Group

These meetings are for past participants of EWBP Classes/Workshops.

  • share success stories,
  • learn what is happening in the evolution of the process,
  • get questions answered,
  • clear symptoms with each other, and
  • give and receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

They are held the first or second Tuesday of each month from 7-9 p.m. at LeRoy’s home (the date may shift depending on LeRoy’s schedule). No advance notice is necessary in order to attend.

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Introductory Demonstration – 2 hours

This Demonstration is for people wanting to learn more about the EWBP©.  The Introductory Demonstration is a great preparation for the Essentials Workshop, but is not a prerequisite.

  • Gives background on the Energetic Well Being Process
  • Demonstrates and has everyone checking energy and maintaining polarity
  • Demonstrates and has everyone strengthen their central core
  • Demonstrates relieving pain and symptoms with participants who volunteer
  • Provides simple energetic corrections participants can use daily

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Credit For Contact Hours That Equal CEU’s

Energetic Well Being™ Workshops provide “Contact Hours” that qualify for Massachusetts (MA) Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for Nursing, Health Officers, Social Workers, and Respiratory Care. Many boards accept MA Nursing CEU’s – contact the applicable board should you have questions.

“Contact Hours” is the term used in the Massachusetts Nursing Laws and Regulations.
A contact hour is equal to 0.1 of a CEU.

The Positive Power of Being Neutral™  qualifies for 6 Contact Hours (equal to 0.6 of 1 CEU)

Energetic Well Being Process  2-day workshops qualify for 13 Contact Hours (equal to 1.3 CEU’s)

LeRoy presents Energetic Well Being ProcessWellness.

Kent Hoffman, Spokane says:

“LeRoy isn’t just a teacher and practitioner, he is an experience – from the outside to the inside and all ways infinite. His expertise in working with people is palpable from the moment of being in his presence. His genuine longing to be of assistance to those he shares this planet with penetrates each encounter. It is his presence and his authenticity that bring wellness. Most certainly he also shares the wisdom of a method that also supports deep change. But I wouldn’t begin to separate his unique gifts from the methodology he brings forth. They all combine and the result is a blessing.”

More testimonials click here


There is a $25 processing fee for cancellations up to 10 business days before the start of the seminar. If you cancel within 10 business days or if you are a NO SHOW (you must call or email within 2 weeks after the seminar), you will be given Full CREDIT towards any future Energetic Well Being to be used within 18 months. You may sell or transfer your personal credit to a friend, however NO refunds in the form of payment will be made if cancelled within 10 days prior to start of seminar.

On rare occasions, we must cancel seminars. If this occurs, our responsibility is limited to a refund of any EWBP registration fees you’ve already paid (this does not include travel or hotel expenses). Energetic Well Being is not responsible for airline tickets, hotel bookings, other payments, or any similar fee penalties that you may incur as a result of any trip cancellations or changes.

If the funds are credited from one seminar to another, the funds will remain as credit (not refunds) in further transactions. Please allow 10 business days for us to process any refunds or credit changes.






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